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Description: Silk Garden Scenes rug was hand knotted in China of 100 percent natural silk. This rug has full, silk piles and is in like new condition. Beautiful colors and made with excellent quality. No holes or repairs, plush and soft. Gorgeous design but not a perfect rectangle. This rug was acquired from a Virginia Estate. Clean and ready to be enjoyed. Recent embargoes by the U.S. against Iranian goods should cause the value of these rugs to increase.

  • Condition: Like New
  • Notes: Chinese Silk Rugs are beautiful pieces of Chinese art. Chinese silk, following a route known later as the Silk Road, reached the distant Roman Empire along the coast of the Mediterranean in the Han and Tang dynasties, and China enjoyed fame as the Land of Silk in the East. Silk carpet making was not a Chinese tradition, but was brought to China by nomadic tribes. While rugs were being woven over China two thousand years ago, there was not a real industry until the mid-eighteenth century. Chinese Silk rugs differ radically from their main Islamic counterparts by using traditional Buddhist and Taoist motifs, and blue, apricot and yellow as their main colors. Chinese rug quality is determined by the number of knots in the rug. Knots show how much work went into making the rug. More knots mean more work. More knots also make possible a greater intricacy in the pattern. Assuming that an experienced weaver can work on 360 knots per hour, it takes 2 years to complete a 1000-knot per square inch silk Chinese rug with a 3ft x 5ft size. For this reason, Chinese rugs are priceless, and should be cherished as extremely valuable items. A well-made silk rug is durable. That means that if you make a wise choice when shopping for a Chinese silk rug, you can count on having it for a very long time.
  • Dimensions: 2ft 0in x 3ft 0in
  • Medium: Handknotted Rug
  • Circa: 2019

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